SL 55 – L-Chamber Packaging Machine

The SL series is aimed at a specific market sector, because it achieves rather low speeds. It represents the “entry level” of the SMIPACK production line , but still retains most of the features of the S series .

The SL series of L-chamber packaging machines includes two models for hourly production up to 300 packages.



Power supply 220 – 240 V
1PH – N – PE
50/60 Hz
Electric power 3700 W
Sealing bar 560 x 430 mm
Maximum package height 260 mm
Average production up to 300 pph **
Maximum size of the film reel 600 – ø 250 mm
Machine dimensions with supports 1260 x 805 h 1100 mm
Machine dimensions with trolley 1240 x 805 h 1102 mm
Net weight of machine / supports / trolley 77/11/18 Kg
Usable films: Pvc, Polyolefins up to 30 µ

(**) Packages per hour. The indicated speed may vary depending on product dimensions, package size and type of film used.


  • Sealing and heat shrinking system in a single operation
  • Welding blade with PTFE cover
  • Adjusting the height of the internal conditioning pan
  • Movable product holder plate, not linked to the film reel support to better adapt the film to the dimensions of the package to be wrapped
  • Bell retainer electromagnet
  • Automatic reopening of the bell
  • Air cooling of the machine frame
  • Alfa-digital LCD control panel with 6 memorizable work programs and a 16-bit microprocessor card, allowing simple and precise control of all common operations, such as:
    1. machine condition
    2. number of packages produced with electronic parts counter
    3. soldering temperature adjustment
    4. adjustment of the retraction time
    5. temperature control of the shrinkage chamber
    6. adjustment of the retraction delay
    7. adjustment of the bell opening delay
    8. possible malfunction
  • Solid state relays, which last longer and simplify maintenance
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Compliance with CE standards

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